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NYC Latino Civic Engagement Forum - Foro Latino de Participación Cívica

10:30 - 11:30
Voter Challenges and the Latino Community

This workshop will review the latest developments in the voting rights field, with an emphasis on how recent trends and events connect to Latino populations. Topics will include restrictive voting legislation, opportunities for affirmative reform, and the national context for considering such issues in New York.

Sponsored by:
Facilitator: Tomas Lopez, The Brennan Center for Justice

Latinos in Media
City & State contributor Gerson Borrero will lead a conversation focused on the role media plays in Latino political engagement in New York State. Borrero, who spearheaded City & State's Road To SOMOS project and is the former editor of El Diario La Prensa, will offer insight on how the Latino community can better engage with the media in order to accomplish its goals.

Sponsored by:
Facilitator: Gerson Borrero, City & State

Fighting for Education: The NYS Dream Act
In this session we use the NYS DREAM Act campaign as a case study for developing campaign strategy. How can we draw on our vision for education equity to design a strategy that can move us closer to our goals? The job of strategy and the purpose of this session is to figure out how to turn what you have into what you need to get what you want; how to turn the resources you have into the power you need to achieve a specific, measurable goal.

Sponsored by:
New York Immigration Coalition
Facilitator: Manuel Castro

Administrative Relief: A Critical Opportunity for Our Movement
President Obama's executive action on immigration could mean protection from deportation and a work permit for hundreds of thousands of people in New York State. Come learn what it means, who qualifies, and how to take advantage of this opportunity to build civic participation in our communities. Our movement won this achievement, now we have to make it real!

Sponsored by: Make the Road New York
Facilitator: Daniel Coates

11:30 - 12:30
Restoring Municipal Voting Rights
Up until the early 20th century in the United States of America, without regard to citizenship, residents were allowed to vote in elections. Voting was a pathway to citizenship. The New York City Council is currently considering re-introducing a bill to allow legally present individuals, non-citizens, participate in local Municipal Elections. With mounting economic and accessibility barriers facing the Latino community in becoming citizens, join us for a discussion on the history of non-citizen voting and learn how you can be part of the groundbreaking history to restore municipal voting for all!

Sponsored by: Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights
Facilitator: Angela Fernandez

The Labor Movement:  A Pivotal Force in Electoral Politics & GOTV Operations.

An overview and analysis of the Labor Movement's role in the political process: Union Endorsement Procedures, GOTV Operations. Internal Union Outreach, Political Education & Engagement. Addressing the key issues impacting Labor and Workers.

Sponsored by: NYC Labor Council for Latin American Advancement - LCLAA.
 Sonia Ivany, President NYC LCLAA, Former Political Coordinator 1199 SEIU & ILGWU Political Screening Committee Member.

Latino Youth and Civic Engagement: Nurturing Young People’s Passion, Purpose, And Power
Cultivating an ethic of service and engagement by focusing on personal identity, community self-determination, and collective self-help.

El Puente
Facilitator: Luis Garden Acosta

When You Can’t Vote: Community Engagement and Empowerment for All New Yorkers
An honest discussion around what active citizenship and civic engagement mean cannot leave out the millions of immigrants in New York City, both documented and undocumented, who are not yet citizens. This workshop will explore how to engage community members outside the ballot box and ensure their needs are heard and met. The focus will be the importance of community-based programming and progressive municipal policies that empower immigrants, families, and greater communities.

Sponsored by:
New York Immigration Coalition
Facilitator: Betsy Plum

1:30 - 2:30
Effective Coalition Building Among Latinos
Developing a common strategy among progressive Latinos in the United States is the groundwork to move our people's agenda forward.

Sponsored by:
National Dominican Women's Caucus
Facilitator: Zenaida Mendez

Running for Office as a New American
A panel discussion on the skills and knowledge needed to serve in public office. How do you effectively craft a message that resonates with New American voters, while building broad based coalitions among several groups?

Sponsored by: New American Leadership Project
Facilitator: German Cash

Money and Politics
Our elections are not working for New York voters. The outsize role of money in politics has our elected officials answering to special interests over regular voters, New York needs comprehensive campaign finance reform. This workshop explains why public financing can make our democracy work better for the Latino community, by increasing the competition, accountability, diversity and fairness of elections.

Sponsored by: Common Cause New York
Facilitator: Lauren George and Emmanuel Caicedo

Developing an Effective Campaign Strategy
We all have dreams, but are you advancing your goals or just spinning your wheels? Come join an interactive discussion on what makes an effective campaign strategy. Participants will have an opportunity to share valuable tips and techniques while increasing their tactical knowledge for the coming legislative session. 

Sponsored by: Citizen Action of New York
Facilitator: Kristina Andreotta, NYC Campaigns Manager, Citizen Action of New York
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